Air pollution damages lives and livelihoods

The Challenge

Air pollution is driven both by individual and collective behaviour

Change is difficult to achieve because of the short-term disruption it causes to individuals and society 

People need to make informed decisions to enhance their, and everyone’s, quality of life  

Managed change, nudged by AI working in harmony to improve air quality, health, economies and measurably reduce impact on our planet


Living, Scaleable, AI-Driven Air Quality

The Solution

MegaSense is an IP protected Real-time, Scaleable, Intelligent, Software-driven air quality monitoring and mitigation system utilising high speed networks, AI and the IoT

MegaSense connects observation networks, high resolution forecasts and multi-hazard AI-enabled early warning forecasting & planning systems to improve outdoor and indoor air quality

MegaSense living air pollution monitoring and planning system can be uniformly utilised by Governments, Cities, Corporates and Individuals to improve quality of  life and save hundreds of billions of Euros a year