MegaSense SmartCity


Revenue sources driven through a secure platform

SmartCity & Scale Transport Management: improving the performance of  sustainable transport & infrastructure investments 

Air Quality Decision Support System: MegaSense solutions optimising policy for home & work alongside Government infrastructure and climate change targets

LifeStyle Management:  MegaSense app helps families and health-conscious adults. 3.2bn health & fitness app users 2020, €2bn market


Process For All Cities

MegaSense City-Wide Air Quality Solution

Traffic emissions inventories

Urban air quality modelling


An Innovative Solution for rapid traffic planning

Atmospheric dispersion modelling

Daily, hourly, or even minute city traffic emissions are difficult to measure or even to estimate. We simulate the traffic patterns for cities using powerful tools. The traffic emission inventories are used by air quality models to calculate the dispersion of air pollution

Most air pollution in cities We provide high resolution urban air quality forecasts with FMI’s SILAM model. This includes 
advanced data assimilation techniques (sensors, stations, satellites etc) for better accuracy. We model the gases and particulate matter that impact health (AQI for easy interpretation for citizens). We utilise input from existing air quality forecasts run by FMI.

Green paths application



MetaTavu's green path application for all cities allows you to keep track of your daily air pollution exposure with a real time navigation, route planner and a personal exposure breakdown monitoring.   MetaTavu route planning, navigation and routing history statistics are available. Medical conditions determine which pollutants are the most dangerous.