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Air Quality Monitoring Missing in Smart Cities

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

There are more than 450 cities that have invested into at least one smart city project, including large cities such as Singapore, Dubai, London and New York. However, very few smart city projects have improved air quality monitoring systems even though air pollution affects their citizens and personal exposure will intensify with climate change. It is likely the number of smart cities will rapidly grow with the introduction of 5G infrastructure and mass machine-type communication that connect millions of low-cost sensors and machines. Therefore, 5G networks will be the platform for significant growth in low-cost air quality monitoring systems and clean-tech industries. However, enabling massive real-time monitoring of air pollution hot spots that shift in space and time over self-organising urban landscape places challenges on 5G networks. The biggest challenge is to cater for a diverse set of real-time data collection and analysis for different gases and particle ranges, policy making, and citizen engagement services and their requirements.

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