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HOPE Sensors

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

HOPE project aims to produce a more comprehensive air quality monitoring network in Helsinki that gives citizens information on places where they live and travel. The HOPE sensor data will be used by FMI ENFUSER modelling to improve the accuracy of the air quality map of the area.


  • Geolocation services provide locations for HD pollution cameras

  • GPS and the emerging 5G infrastructure will be used for positioning

  • Pollution cameras optimise coverage and accuracy of the pollution generation process

  • Low-cost pollution cameras, infrared and thermal filter-based cameras, and highly accurate hyper spectral scanning cameras will all be assessed

Solution Proposed:

Our solution creates a feedback loop between high-resolution hyperlocal air quality monitoring and actions of individuals and communities through co-design and participatory budgeting.

Through a better understanding of air quality issues and with the help of personalized air quality data, we empower residents to be active owners of their local air quality.

We offer information of the levels of exposure to air pollutants that people are subjected to in their daily lives. This is achieved through comprehensive air quality sensor network and the new air quality index AQI2.0.

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