MegaSense SmartCity Consortium


Nokia Bell Labs researches the network of the future. We are at the dawn of an era shaped by digitization and the connection of everything and everyone. Automating much of life, creating time by maximizing the efficiency of everything we do and augmenting our intelligence with knowledge that expedites and optimizes decision-making and everyday routines and processes. MegaSense smart city consortium connects healthy air to every-day living and a carbon clean future.

Contact: Kari Aaltonen

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MegaSense developed by the Departments of Computer Science and Atmospheric Sciences brings forward accurate portable low-cost sensing devices and an online data platform integrating multiple sources of urban data and leveraging AI network calibration producing hyper-local air quality information in real time.

MegaSense feedback loop involves the actions of individuals and the physical and chemical processes, which increase exposure duration and concentration to air pollution. These exposures are tested by citizens and companies in City of Helsinki and EU projects.

Contact: Sasu Tarkoma


The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) extends the capability to deploy its chemical transport model SILAM to city scale in order to provide local and accurate air quality forecasts for the MegaSense framework. Using the latest data assimilation techniques, the model, in combination with a network of MegaSense sensors, provide high quality air pollution forecasts to the benefit of the city’s inhabitants.

Contact: Ari Karppinen


Formaldehyde is a highly toxic and carcinogenic chemical even at low concentrations. Formaldehyde occurs in nature and thus poses a chronic threat to human health. Formaldehyde is difficult to measure with existing technologies. Gasera’s precision-based products adds value to the MegaSense consortium and could ultimately reduce the amount of formaldehyde emitted to the earth’s atmosphere.

Contact: Tuomas Heita


Metatavu is a Finnish software company specialized in high quality software and open source solutions. Metatavu believes that software development should be fair. They provide high quality open source solutions and clients get their products, on schedule at reasonable costs. In the MegaSense Consortium, MetaTavu develop accurate clean-air navigation application and mobile client for any city.

Contact: Mikko Lampi

Loopshore - Service and Sensor_megasense

Metosin Oy and Loopshore Oy are jointly developing an IoT device management service in the project. The service enables control of vast amounts of IoT devices in the air-quality services provided by Megasense.

Metosin Oy is focusing on IT consulting, demanding system projects and training top IT professionals. Loopshore Oy develops intelligent air quality and environmental IoT sensors and analysis services.

Contact: Janne Edgren


Business Finland provided co-innovation funding for MegaSense Smart City companies and research organizations to enable increased business competitiveness and significant new international business.